What Is Gentle Parenting And Benefit Positive DIscipline

problems with gentle parenting 6 conscious benefits of examples quotes explained tips natural consequences

What Is Gentle Parenting And Benefit Positive Discipline


Today's article I'm Going to Chat About the Six Principles of Gentle Parenting or Positive Discipline Because They're Kind of Two in the Same Thing One in the Same Thing.

and I Really Subscribe to This Style of Parenting I Think I Do It Quite Naturally but More Recently I Was Trying to Be More Mindful of.

I Guess I've Got Three Children They Are Eight Five and Twos Even the Little One Needs Quite a Bit Discipline and I Really Don't Like to Use Punishments or Rewards.

I Use Rewards Much More Actually and Gentle Parenting Is All About Saying You Don't Need Either Punishment nor Reward to Elicit Cooperation from Your Children.

That They Should Through Dental Parenting Techniques These Six Just Want to Cooperate Naturally and Want to Behave Well Isn't That the Holy Grail 

So I Am Gonna Take You Through the Six Principles and How I Interpret Them Because Some of Them Are Also Quite Extreme I Think or They Can Be Taken to the Extreme and I Think Some of Them There Needs to Be a Kind of a Middle Ground.

Gentle Parenting Six Benefits Principles With And Conscious, Ridiculous, Natural Consequences.

  • Respect Your Children


Respect Your Children and the Idea That as Adults We Think We Have Certain Rights and We Think That People Should Respect Us. 

and Talk to Us in a Certain Way All the Time and Respect Our Beliefs and Our Emotions but That We Don't Bestow That Same Respect on Our Children All the Time. 

That We Kind of Are in Charge of Them That We Expect Them to Follow Our Ways and I Think That in Some Ways Children Need the Boundaries Daily and That's Also Like I Guess Anti Gentle Parenting.

but There Are Some Certain Things That Children Aren't Able to Decide on Like the Basic Like It Is Now Did in Time It Is Now a Bedtime We Have to Guide Them.

but I Think That for Me Respecting Your Children Comes Down to How You Talk to Each Other and How You Expect Them to Treat Each Other Around the House.

Number One Most Important Thing and I Really Believe That That Has Made My Family Much Less Needing to Lean on the Discipline Because That Means That We Listen to Each Other and Were Nice to Each Other.

So I Always Tell the Kids That Kindness Starts at Home and That We Can't Go to School or Go to Work All Day and Be Really Nice to Our Colleagues and Smiley and Give Our Best to Strangers,

and Then When You Get Home the Temptation Is Just to Be Like Oh I Can't Bother Anymore All My License Is Gone and They Say Do We Have to Be Nice to Each Other We Only Get One Family We're Each Other the Most Important People Other People Come and Go. 

We're Here for Life and We Love Each Other and That's Why We Have to Respect Each Other We Don't Kill Each Other to Shut Up We Don't Call Each Other Names and I Would Never Do That to the Children and I Don't Expect Them to Do That to Me and I Think That That Kind of Starts from Home Is a Way of Showing My Children Respect. 

but It Also Means Things Like You Know We All Live Here Sometimes I Just Think of Ourselves as a Family Rather Than Me as Their Mum and That Gets Me Out the Manager Made and They Kept Bring the Toys Downstairs Like Who Cares 

I Guess You'll Have as Much It Is Mine and You Can Make Rules as Well Within There Within the Boundaries of What's Safe and Things Like That So Yeah It's a Really Really Good One and It's One Just to Look for Throughout the Day Like How Can I Make This More Two-Way and Go with Them More Than Just Being the One Who's Always Having to Push Myself in Charge Which Isn't Nice for Us Mums I Ever Really the.

  • Empathise With Their Feelings


Second One Is a Huge One and Those Two Empathize with Our Children So She Talks a Lot About You Know Behavior About Behavior and Like a Cooperation Can Come from Anger.

It Can Come from Sadness It Can Come from Frustration and to Really Understand Their Emotions and Not Then Punish Them for Having Feelings or for Being Sad and That Instead We Should Just Make Sure That They Understand,

That We Get Their Feelings That We Understand Why.

It's Pains Them You Know Might Be School Time Now and You've Got to Leave with Toys and That Really Sucks but I'll Have Words with You When You Get Home.

and Now Let's Get Our Cheese on It Would Be a Very Nice Way of Doing It Rather Than Mine or Wood on You Knew About It Ten Minutes Ago 

So Just Kind of Reminding Us Out but Sometimes That Can Break the Back I Think of a Confrontation but When I Am in That Moment of Confrontation Sometimes and It's Just the Cycle Has Started Someone's Angry. 

Then They Get Upset and They Don't Want to Cooperate and I'm Annoyed I Always Have This Motto Which Is Try a Little Tenderness and for Ever in That Situation I Swear and You Just Say Something Kind.

Or You Just Start Acting Super Kind Toward Your Child They Love It They Thrive Much More on Kindness and Positivity as We All Know and Sometimes It Just Takes That Reminder.

So If They're Like Really Really Sad It's Like Is It That Big a Deal If I Say to Them Look Why Don't You Have Just a Sandwich on the Floor in the Round for Dinner Tonight You Know Isn't That Big a Deal.

Because No It's Not That Big a Deal to Me but Will It Really Break It Back and Create This Lift and Shift in the Mood Yes and Then Go for That and Gave the Kindness Gave a Tenderness and Gave Her Empathy and How You Would Like to Be Treated Sometimes.

  • Make Mistakes And Have Opinions


Number Three Is Allowing Children to Make Their Own Mistakes and Have Their Own Opinions I Think This Is Really Helpful When It Comes to Squabbling Gets So Really Often Now I Just Let the Kids Argue Something Out,

And Not Jump in and Just Take That Off Their Back and It's Really Hard to Do but I Just Step Back Listen to Them and Making Them Decide.

There's Going to Be Some Tension in the House Like Ever He Gets the Ipad First on the Weekend I Said You Guys Decided and Then That Allows Them to Learn to Negotiate Learn to Back Down Learn When to Push Forward.

and That's What Gentle Parenting Is All About That They Should Be Learning to Make Their Own Decisions and Sometimes They'd Win Sometimes They Don't but That's the Life Skill 

  • Reset Your Expectations Of Normal


Number Four Is One I Think We All Absolutely Love and She Talks About Resetting Our Expectations About Was Age-Appropriate and What's Normal,

And I Think When I First Had Freddy Eight Years Ago There Was a Lot of Emphasis on Routine and When to Do What and If You Miss This You Have This Phrase You're Creating a Void for It.

Back to Tries Me Crazy Is If You've Missed That Though and Now We're Never Going to Have a Child Who Sleeps and We're Never Gonna Have a Child It's Properly.

Because You Weaned Wrong or Something Like That and Now I Think That This Idea of Relapsing Your Expectations and Doesn't Mean That You're Not Monitoring. 

Making Sure You're You Know Following the Trends or Following Where They Should Be in Terms of Major Development Milestones but She Says You Know It's Not Normal for Every Two-Year-Old to Sleep in Their Bed All Night.

You Know If That's Not Right Not Right for You and Your Family and Your Child That's Okay and That's How to Be a Gentle Parent to Them Be Like Baby Led Weaning It's Just Baby Herd Child Baby Led to Childhood but It's Also a Way to Be Kind to Yourself.

Because I Think Once You Take That Pressure Off Yourself and That Comparing It's Like What's Right for You and Great for You Isn't Right and Great for Me and Then I Think That That Really Really Helps Us as Mums and Just to Go.

It Doesn't Really Matter If It Doesn't Bother Me That Much I'm Not Going to Change It Just Because I'm So and So Everyone Else Five Other People Tell Other People Would Say That My Child Should Not Be Behaving Like That If It's All Right with Me Then I'm Going to Let It Go the.

  • Take Time To Nurture Yourself


Next One Is to Take Time to Nurture Yourself and in Dental Parenting They're Sort of Saying That the Reason We Get a Bit Snappy or the Reason That Sometimes Our Children Aren't Getting the Best of Us Is.

Because We've Got So Many Worries So Many Pressures on Our Own Shoulders as Mums and We Don't Take Care of Ourselves and Sometimes She's Saying That Our Attention or Our Priorities Are Not Focused on the Best Things for Us That Sometimes.

We're Worries More About Kenny Back to Work Getting in Shape What Everyone Else Is Up to Putting Pressure on Ourselves on the Silly Things Than What We Really Should Be Doing Is Just Nurturing and Taking That Self-Care Route Which Is .

Trendy Right Now So I Think That Is Really an Interesting One and I Think That Whenever I Hear You Can't Pull from a Limited Captain Like Ashley.

You Can How Many of Us Have for Many Many Months on End but It's About What's Sustainable and It's Like I Can Do That but I Can't Sustain That Forever at Some Point.

I'm Going to Need to Figure Out What It's Going to Make Me Be Able to Carry on All the Time and Feel Good and Feel It My Most Calm and That I'm Punching My Best in Terms of Parenting.

I Definitely Need to That I'm a Better Parent Obviously If I've Slept Well If I've Had a Break from the Children If I've Had Some Fresh Air That Day.

If I've Done Something to Stimulate My Own Mind and I've Enjoyed It Like Read a Podcast or Made a Blog or Something Like That So Yeah It Is Really Important I Think That Doing That Is Going to Ultimately Help You Be a Better Parent. 

  • Give Them Your Attention


Last One Is Probably the Most Interesting One Actually and It's About Giving Them Your Attention So She Talks All About How Our Children Today a Very Stuff Rich and Time Poor and That We Talk a Lot About Attention-Seeking Behavior.

As If It's a Bad Thing and I Kind of Got to Me a Little Bit and She Talks About How Were Very Much as I Can in a Minute or Not Right Now I Don't at the Time.

I Can't Do That I'm Busy and I Think That We Do Live in a Very Busy World and Busyness Is Seen as Like Something Really Good Like I'm So Busy I'm So Busy It's Like a Bad Rule Air Isn't It I'm Just Slowing Down I Find This Really Really Hard.

Ever Lean in My Two-Year-Old Is Very Needy of My Attention So If I Do Anything You'd Pick Up Your Phone If You Pick Up a Laptop If You Go to the Kicker She Was Squeezed Herself in Between Me and That and Cling on to Me and I Find It Frustrating.

Because It's Just You Want About Five Minutes We Just Need to Send That Email Because It's Important Whatever Will Jobs End Up Done All Over the House.

But Lately I Have Really Listened to This Piece of Advice and I Thought No Like If She Needs My Time and It's Gonna Take Five Minutes of Sitting Down and Cuddling Her and Then Saying Are You Ready Now I'm Gonna Go Back to My Job Then Just Do That.

Because That Is Going to Really Give Us That Connection and It Makes Them Know I Never Want to Say to My Dad Time and I Say That a Lot and I Really I Do Have Time They're Not Asking Me to Like Go on a Four-Hour Hike I Think I Needs Like Play Game a Read It or Give Them a Quick Hug or You Know Get Some Some Games Up for Them and Help Them Play It for a Few Minutes So Yes.

It Is a Really Important One and the One That I Really Need to Focus the Most on I Think from the Whole List So These Are the Six Techniques and Principles of Gentle Parenting or Positive Discipline. 

I Have Ever Trained Them Alright Let Me Know What You Think of Them in the Comments Below Which Ones You Think You Do Naturally or Anything You Think of Really Hard I Think That All of Them Are Really Good to Know.

Just to Kind of Have in Mind and Pick One at a Time to Kind of Focus on Each Week and for Me at the Moment It's the Time Worm and Spending That Attention on the Children Because We're Three It's a Struggle with Two in School It's Kind of Like After-School Moments Get a Bit of Squeeze and Stuff Like That.

These were the 6 principals of Gentle Parenting. Hope you find the information of this article useful in the upbringing of your children, thank you.



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What Is Gentle Parenting And Benefit Positive DIscipline
problems with gentle parenting 6 conscious benefits of examples quotes explained tips natural consequences
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