Dog Grooming Near Me And Your Home

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Dog Grooming Near Me And Your Home


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Dog Grooming Near Me a Very Dirty Golden Doodle I Build Them No Problem Ears That Look Like They Are an Exhaust Pipe for a Motocross Bite We Can Fix That Don't Worry I'll Show You How Does That Poop Stuck to Your Dog's Butt It Happens but How Do You Remove It Safely and Wait Is That a Tick Yes It Is and I'm Going to Show You How to Safely Remove That Too It Is Absolutely My Pleasure to Share With You the Secrets of the Grooming Industry So You Can Provide Quality Care for Your Beloved Pets at Home.

We Are Going to Increase the Bond You Share With Your Pet and Add Even More Value to Their Lives This Is Otto He Is a Standard Sized Golden Doodle and He Was Only Last Groomed Maybe About Five or Six Months Ago Which Is the Perfect Opportunity for Me to Show You How to Turn This Very Dirty Golden Doodle Into a Perfectly Polished Prince You'll Notice Throughout This Video That His Legs Are Shaking That's Because He Is Actually a Senior Dog and I Want to Make That Known I Have to Consider That in This Groom.
In This Article It We Have to Start With Pre -brushing I Am Using a Kenshi Slicker Brush Which Is a Large Size and a Metal Grooming Comb and the Reason We Must Pre -brush Our Dogs Before Bathing or Dog Grooming Near Me Is Because We Want to Remove as Much Dead Coat Dead Hair or Shedded Hair From the Dog Before We Even Get Them in the Back and That Includes Dander From the Skin and Coat We Are Loosening Up All the Dander Dead Hair Shedded Hair Out of the Coat.

It's Very Important but What Do We Do Here He Has Poop Stuck to His Butt and It's Been There for a While How Do We Remove It Stay Tuned I'll Show You but First Let's Address These Ears Before We Get Otto in the Tub They Were Very Grimy Typically I Don't Clean Dog's Ears Until They Are Out of the Bath in Case Any Water Got in There but I'm Gonna Be Cleaning Otto's Ears Twice One Time Before the Tub and Another Time After I Bathe Him I Am Using Bark to Basics Ear Cleansing Solution Which Has Witch Hazel in It.


I Am Just Trying to Saturate My Cotton Ball Wipe Out Any Debris and as Far as I Can See in His Ear and on the Ear Leather Itself and It Is Really Really Relieving Him Right Now You Can See He Is a Little Itchy From It It Bothers Him to Have This Built Up There for So Long and Only Use an Ear Cleansing Solution Made for Pets in Their Ears Guys Anything Else Could Cause Irritation or Infection and Remember This Is Pre -bath.

We Are Removing as Much of This Build Up Pre -bath as We Can Let Him Shake Out the Excess That Brings Other Junk to the Surface So We Can Clean It Later Now It's Time for the Bath Pay Close Attention This Is a Very Very Important Part of Dog Grooming Near Me Your Dog in Order to Remove All This Terrible Stuff From Otto's Coat and Skin It All Happens Right Here in the Bath Over Rinse Your Dog Before You Even Apply Any Shampoo or Product to the Coat This Softens Up Dirt Grime .

And Dander When Applying the Shampoo Be Sure to Get All the Way Through the Coat Into the Skin Because That Shampoo Is Going to Loosen and Melt Away All That Baked in Grime on Your Dog's Skin and Coat and This Is a Good Time to Use Either a Loofah a Bathing Curry or Even These Bathing Gloves to Get Down Into the Skin and Thoroughly Clean Your Dog Allow the Shampoo to Sit in Your Dog's Coat for Around Four to Five Minutes.

So It Can Get in There and Do the Job Now You're Going to Learn Something Very Important to Wash Your Dog's Face It Is Essential to Their Health I Build Up and Gunk Around Their Mouth Caused by Food Can Cause a Lot of Problems It's Very Important to Clean Your Dog's Face but That's a Tick That's a Tick and We Need to Get It Off Your Dog Ticks Carry Disease So Let's Get This Tick Off of Otto Right Now but This This Is a Wart and We Just Need to Be Aware of It and Careful When We're Clipping and Trimming Around Otto's Face but to Remove This Tick I Like to Use a Hemostat and I Like to Separate the Hair Away From the Tick and Get All the Way to the Base Where the Tick Is Connected Give It a Good Squeeze and Pull and Yank .

It Straight Out of Your Dog's Coat Now We're Ready to Wash His Face I Like to Use Tropic Clean Spa Facial Cleanser for Dogs It Is Gentle Safe It Does Not Irritate the Eyes It's a Great Product to Really Really Get Your Dog's Face and Around Their Eyes Very Clean and You Don't Have to Worry About Harming Their Eyes Because Chemical Burn Is a Real Thing Guys So Be Careful With the Products That You Use Around Your Dog's Face and Eyes Especially Now That That Product Is Set on There for a Few Minutes.


I Am Taking a Flea Comb and Gently Combing and Removing the Eye Buildup That We Saw on Otto's Face This Is the Easiest and Safest Way to Remove Eye Debris and Build Up From Your Dog's Face and I Gotta Tell You It's Important That You Do Because It Can Cause a Lot of Irritation at Their Eyes Speaking of Irritation Remember All That Feces That Was Stuck to His Butt Look How Sore His Butt Is That Causes a Lot of Irritation Too Guys So It Is Very Important Not to Allow That to Build Up on Your Dog and There's Just a Little Bit Left Here.

I Am Going to Carefully Take a Scissor and Just Snip Off That Last Little Bit Basically We Allowed the Shampoo to Soak That Off of His Bum Be Patient It Will Come Off Now He's Clean and Rinsed and Let's Address Those Ears One More Time Same Bark to Basics Air Cleansing Solution Soaked in a Cotton Ball I Mean Saturated in a Cotton Ball and We're Squeezing It Down Into His Ear Because We Are Going to Want to Allow Him to Shake a Lot of That Debris Out From Down Inside of His Ear Just Like This That Way We Can Continue to Wipe and Remove Any Excess That Comes to the Surface.

Do Yourself a Favor Now We Got Otto Out of the Bath He's Clean but His Butt Is Sore So Let's Put Some Neosporin on a Cotton Ball and Gently Massage It Onto That Area That Was Caked With Feces for Quite Some Time It Is Very Irritated as You Can Imagine and This Neosporin Will Make It Feel Much Better I'm Also Going to Do the Same to the Outside of His Ear That Was Caked With Build Up for Quite Some Time It Causes Pain and Irritation and Since I've Cleaned His Ear the Neosporin Will Just Soothe It.
So Wow Guys We Have Only We're Only Halfway Through This With Otto but We Already Have Him Feeling Like He Should Be Now We Can Start Trimming Auto I'm Using a Kenji Flash Four on One Clipper We're Going to Start With the Pads of the Feet Guys I'm Gonna Link All the Products and Tools That I'm Using Today in the Description Below if You're Interested in Checking Them Out They're All Available to You as Well as Pet Groomers Using a 10 15 or 30 Blade to Shave in a V Shape and All the Way Around the Outside of the Pad of the Foot.

This Is Everything Your Dog Will Be Standing on Dogs Can Get Mats in the Pads of Their Feet and It's Very Uncomfortable Trimming Your Dog's Nails Including the Dew Claw Is Very Very Important Guys These Nails if They're Not Trimmed Can Break and Shatter and Cause a Big Problem for Your Dog Probably a Trip to the Vet So I Want You to Know if You Can't Trim Your Dog's Nails Please Make an Appointment With a Groomer or With Your Vet They Can Do It for You if You're Not Comfortable With It Guys Don't Do It.

Now That Auto Is Ready to Be Trimmed Let's Get Those Clippers Out You Can Use Whatever Size Blade or Snap on Comb You Want to Set the Length That You Desire to See on Your Dog Now That We Have Him Properly Prepared We Can Leave Whatever Length We Want if His Coat Wasn't Clean and De- shedded and All the Dead Hair Removed You Are Not Going to Have a Successful Time Trimming Your Dog This Is Very Important the Last Thing You Do When You're Grooming Your Dog Is Trim Them the First Thing Is Preparing the Skinning Coat I Have a Ton of Article on My Website on How to Trim Your Dog What Clippers to Use What Blade to Use What Are Snap on Cones .


How to Trim Your Dog's Nails How to Trim Your Dog's Sanitary Area I Will Link a Full Playlist in the Description Below for You Guys and Then the Card Above So You Can Go and Find Out How to Exactly Trim Your Dog but This Video Is Showing You the Importance of Having a Clean Properly Prepared Dog So That You Can Give Them a Good Trim I Share Openly All the Secrets to the Pet Dog Grooming Near Me Industry With You Guys So That You Can Provide Quality Care for Your Beloved Pets at Home Meaning I Have Videos on My Channel That Will Walk You Through Every Step of a Groom on Any Dog Guys Whether.

It's a Double Coat or a Dog That Gets a Full Haircut Like Our Golden Doodles Having the Proper Tools Techniques and Set Up to Groom Your Dog at Home Is All You Really Need Other Than All the Videos on My Channel Because I Will Show You How to Do Anything You Need to Do When It Comes to Grooming Your Dog at Home the Reason I Made This Video for You Today My Friends Is.

Because I Need You to Understand That You Cannot Give Your Dog a Haircut Successfully Without Removing All the Grime and Build Up and Dander and Dead Hair From Your Dog's Coat and That Is the Reason That a Lot of People Fail to Have a Successful Dog Grooming Near Me Session at Home They Think Their Blades Aren't Working Their Clipper Doesn't Work It's the Fact That Your Dog's Coat Is Filthy and You Can't Trim a Dirty Coat It's Just Like Baking a Cake You Cannot Skip Anything Because One Little Ingredient or Step Is Going to Mess Up Your Cake It's the Same With the Groom Guys .

I Have a article I Will Link It in the Card Above That Tells You My 11 Steps to Grooming Any Dog and It Is Fail Proof Guys and if You Follow the Steps That I Teach You You Can Groom Your Dog It's Not Rocket Science Groomers Didn't Know How to Groom Dogs Until They Learned How to Groom Dogs and You Can Do It Too What Areas of Grooming

I Will Help You That Is the Whole Reason I Created This Youtube Channel Grooming a Golden Doodle Is Is No More Difficult Than Grooming Any Other Breed Guys So Let Me Just Walk You Through Some of the Troubles You May Be Having Especially Around the Face and the Head Area This Is an Area That People Struggle With So as You Can See Here.

I'm Running Into Some Trouble With Otto Around the Face He Has a Lot of Matting Around His Under His Eyes Around His Beard and That's Typical So Instead of Thinking That You're Going to Fix That You Need to Shave It Off and That's What I Had to Decide to Do Here With Otto It Was Way Too Matted for Me to Try to Demat It for Him and and Obviously if It Became Matted in the First Place the Owner Is Not Able to Brush in That Area Effectively Enough to Keep It From Matting So I Am Going to Take This Clean I'm Going to Take It Short and You Know.

We Had That Wart Right There Under His Eye We Got to Be Careful About That You Shave in the Direction of the Wart to Avoid Nicking It I Would Have Much Rather Seen a Nice Pretty Beard on Otto Today but It Just Wasn't Happening Guys So You Have to Be Realistic and We Can Tidy Up This Groom and Trim and Make Him Still Look Really Gorgeous I Mean Just Wait for It It's Coming He's Gonna Look Great.

but We Had to Do What We Had to Do With Otto Today and Be Realistic His Beard Was Matted It Was a Mess So It Had to Come Off Today and That's the Beauty of Dog Grooming Near Me You Can Modify Any Trim to Suit the Dog's Needs and the Needs That You'll Be Able to Maintain and That's What We're Doing With Otto Here Today I Would Have Loved to Trim Him Differently Especially His Head but It Was Not an Option Today So I Had to Come Up With Another Plan That Worked for Otto Right Now and That Will Work for the Owner and Auto Will Be Clean His Face Will Be Clean and Not Matted and Gunky and He'll Be Happy and Healthy Tell Me What You Think About Otto's Groom .

Here in this artile Do You Feel That We Did You Saw What He Looked Like When He Came in You Saw the Condition He Was in and Now Look at Otto Did We Do Right by Auto Today Did We Make Him Feel and Look Beautiful Because I Guarantee You His Skin Feels Amazing Guys I Guarantee It I Want You to Remember That Dog Grooming Near Me Is All About What Is Best and Most Comfortable for the Dog Because the Dog Has to Wear the Coat the Dog Has to Wear the Haircut That You Choose to Put on Him Will This Keep Him Healthy Happy and Feeling Good for a Period of Time and if Not What Should We Have Done Different You Have to Ask Yourself That After You Groom Your Dog You Have to Take a Look at Your Dog and Say What Could I Have Done Different to Make Him Feel Better It Is Absolutely My Pleasure to Share With You the Secrets of the Dog Grooming Near Me Industry



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ThursDay Online Service: Dog Grooming Near Me And Your Home
Dog Grooming Near Me And Your Home
dog grooming near me prices dog grooming near me mobile mobile van dog grooming near me low cost dog grooming near me dog groomers near me reviews ch
ThursDay Online Service
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