Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots Review

We're reviewing the timberland 6-inch premium waterproof boot now this is a little bit different than the basic timberland six-inch waterproof boot an

Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots Review


In This Article I'm reviewing the timberland premium 6-inch waterproof boot we're going to find out whether this boot can stand up to the elements let's dive in.

We're reviewing the timberland 6-inch premium waterproof boot now this is a little bit different than the basic timberland six-inch waterproof boot and if you want to see a comparison between those two boots make you stay connected with us gonna be coming out soon let's get straight into the review and talk about.

Mens Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots navy nubuck Honestly Review.

  • Style 

The Style now timberlands are one of the most iconic most popular boots of all time and there's such a huge range of people and subcultures that wear timberlands 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots.

they're just wildly popular I mean you have hipsters you have the hip hop movement you have boots like workers and construction workers they all wear timberlands and honestly.

it fits pretty well into all of those aesthetics for me I wanted to pick up the timberlands for one because this is a boot channel and this is one of the most popular boots ever and also you know I do like the style.

this is the classic version this is in wheat nubuck and this is the color you're going to see it's kind of like a light yellowish very light color and the key for this is to keep them clean looking now a lot of people also use.

this is a work boot and that's great I'm going to talk about why I don't think this is such a great work boot a little bit later on but I think primarily.

I see these most often used for style purposes and in that capacity, I think they're great I mean this is a handsome boot it looks very masculine and ultimately.

you know you get that extra little bit of height there from the tall heel and the rubber-like sole this is just a nice looking boot and I'm a big fan of the style jumping into 

Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots Review


  • Leather 

the leather quality timberlands use what's called nubuck this is the wheat nubuck the iconic color and nubuck is just the outside of the leather.

where the skin kind of faces out they sand that down so it gets this suede-like texture but it's not suede it's called nubuck is a little bit more hardy than suede,

because it is that outer those outer fibers so it can stand up more to harsh weather and it also takes weatherproofing treatment it makes it a little bit better because the fibers are a little tighter one of the big issues. 

that a lot of people have with timberlands is that they get dirty quite easily especially if you have this lightweight color anytime you graze your toe against you know the sidewalk or the curb it can leave like a dark spot where.

it's just really unsightly so there's a couple of ways to take care of that it's really easy nubuck is a very very simple very easy leather to treat um you can't use any leather bombs to keep it moist all you need is a suede nubuck brush and a suede nubuck eraser you can get both of these for under 20 dollars super easy.


if you get these dirty at all the first thing you do is take this brush a little bit and if that doesn't work always brush in one direction but if that doesn't work.

then you can take the eraser and aim for the little spot and erase it out once you've erased it take the brush again and brush it out that's the simplest way to remove most stains and if you have any stains that are like really really in there. 


you can get go to timberland and pick up their renew buck treatment that will clean these up real nice overall I think the leather on this boot is pretty good it's not fantastic you know.

I think it's you know it's very very corrected because it is has been handed down it's a little bit stiff it doesn't crease particularly nicely um but overall like for a 200 under 200 boot I think the leather is right on par with what I would expect 

  • Sole

moving on to the sole this has an iconic polyurethane sole with deep rubber lugs this is an excellent material for if it's rainy or wet or even snowy outside.

it's this grip stick rubber and basically, it's pretty sticky and all of these little nooks and crannies they add a lot of traction to the ground, 

so this is a great winter boot the six-inch premium boot is insulated it has 400 grams of Primaloft insulation so when you combine this grippy rubber with the lug soles and the insulation. 

you're getting a boot that's a pretty fantastic choice all winter long another thing I like about the timberland premiums is that they do feature.


this insole right here which is a high-density foam adds a little bit of arch support and ultimately this is just really comfortable and I love that you can remove it.

now I know a lot of viewers here they maybe have wide feet flat feet anything, where you need extra arch support having a removable insole, is awesome because it just gives you room to get your proper size get your right size, and then.

if you don't find you don't like this you can add your insert there and make it much more comfortable which again is great for people if you have plantar fasciitis flat feet or high arches any sort of irregularities with your feet.

there's no problem with the timberlands because you can just remove this insole and it's fine it fits fine probably my biggest problem with timberlands is that they are bond welted and so basically this sole is just cemented onto the bottom of the boot now. 

I think this is you know great for streetwear because it makes it it is waterproof now I would normally go if in a workwear application I would go with something Goodyear welted and that's stitched onto the bottom.

it has a little bit more sturdiness there and you can also resolve it very very easily so in working conditions you know where your sole might wear out after a year or something like that's a lot more important but if you're just wearing it this around the street and you know.

you're not going to be putting it through like super rigorous conditions it should be fine with just the cemented sole that shouldn't be a problem and it does make it 100 waterproofs which is a big bonus but to me, that lack of a Goodyear welt the lack of that sturdy stitch on bottom.

it kind of takes it out of the range for me for working boots um I do have other work boots that I think are a little bit more sturdy a little more long-lasting.

I think dinner bull run or the Thoroughgood make are really good alternatives that do have Goodyear welts and they'll kind of stand up to harsh working conditions a little bit better than timberland but again that cemented soul, not such a huge issue when it comes to streetwear.

Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots Review

  • Fit & Sizing

when trying to get the right fit and sizing I noticed that timberlands uh they run these run like a full size too large so a lot of you know on the site.

they mentioned get a half size smaller so if you're a size 11 buy a size 10 and a half but even with that uh in the past experiences and with Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots.

I'm a size 10 and a half you get a size nine and a half and they're still going to fit pretty well and honestly, I think a nine and a half fits better than a 10 would so they say go a half size down at least do that but if you're kind of on the borderline maybe get a full size lower.

  • Break-In Period

as for the breaking period, there's not much of one to speak of you know I think the leather is a little bit stiff so maybe a little bit of soreness,

but I didn't experience much at all I mean the rubber sole here is soft flexible and then you have that nice high-density foam insole.

that offers plenty of padding it's a lined boot it also has insulation in there so overall a comfortable boot right out of the box.

  • Price

you can pick up the timberland premiums they're right under 200 on I think the timberland website they're like 195 or 190 somewhere in that range but honestly.

you can find these boots in so many stores so even if you just go to the mall or something like that any shoe store around you you'll probably be able to find a pair of timberland premiums make sure.

you look for this two-tone sole again don't end up picking up the timberland basics I'll tell you why in a future Article so again make sure you subscribe but the basics they do have.

this one that the single-toned soul so if you're looking for the premiums the trademark the most you know the eye-catching thing is that they do have that two-tone sole.

  • The Verdict

here's my final verdict on the timberland six-inch waterproof boot if you're looking for a boot for style and you're just wondering like you know is this 200 worth.

it you know does the boot kind of life up to that 200 price range then yes absolutely I mean from a style perspective I think this is a really solid construction of a boot you know I do have a few issues with the bond welt not.

the Goodyear welt but ultimately it's a waterproof boot it looks handsome it's pretty easy to care for you do have to clean it more regularly if you want this look but cleaning it is pretty easy too. 

you're not devoting a ton of time each time you're going in and treating this leather here so ultimately I think from a style perspective this is a fantastic boot and it's worth the price but if you're looking for looking at it.

it for more workwear and you need something for work and you're not worried about style then I think there are other good options again I said like Danner bull run or the thorough good motto. 

those boots are a little bit more sturdy and then they also have the Goodyear welt and the price is about the same so I think those are good alternatives if you're looking at it primarily from a work perspective but when it comes to style.

I think this is just a fashion boot at this point and it's sturdy Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots should be a long-lasting fashion boot as well so uh is it worth 200 from a style perspective yes from a workwear perspective I think there are better options.



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ThursDay Online Service: Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots Review
Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots Review
We're reviewing the timberland 6-inch premium waterproof boot now this is a little bit different than the basic timberland six-inch waterproof boot an
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