Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger American Heritage Icon

Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger American Heritage Icon, Plus Sole, Style, Break-In Period, Price, Verdict , Like, Don't Like Full Honestly Review

Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger American Heritage Icon 


I'm going to be reviewing the Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger I'm going to talk about what i like and i like I don't like and ultimately whether or not this boot is right for you so let's get into it.

In This Article, we are talking about the Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger now this is red wings most famous shoe in their heritage collection.

it might actually just be their most famous boot across the board across the whole brand but I've been thinking about this boot for about the last three years and i finally bit the bullet i went out i picked one up i picked up a pair for myself,

and I've been wearing them for the last I'd say about three weeks now at this point that I've been wearing them so i have some opinions some thoughts I've got things to say.

so that's why we're here let's start by talking about the leather quality and care so the red wing iron ranger is made with an oil-tanned full-grain leather that's done by a company called 

the sb foot tanning company something like that but they're owned by red wings so basically the leather on the iron ranger is tanned in-house in red wing Minnesota.

you get this high-quality super soft so now oil tanning starts with a vegetable tanning method so you're going to have all of that durability of vegetable tanning but it has a little more suppleness sometimes vegetable leather or vegetable tanned leather can be a little stiff.

when you first get it but if it's kind of treated and has additional tanning done with oils then that softens it up makes it a little bit smoother to wear a little smoother to the touch a little more creamy.

when you feel it so that's what the oil 10 leather is all about and again it's full-grain leather it's very very thick so that's just going to add to the durability it's going to add to the longevity if it gets wet.

if you're in any sort of muddy situation that water shouldn't penetrate through depending on you know if you accidentally get caught out there the water will penetrate less deep into the leather and so you're just going to get a longer-lasting boot.

Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger good Work And Waterproof boots

  • Sole


As for the sole, we have a seven millimeter Vibram mini-lug sole now this has changed from i think they changed the sole out and i believe 2016 and they used to have a flat 

this was a flat sole it didn't have the many lugs here a lot of people were having issues just slipping whenever the conditions got wet or icy so by adding in the mini lugs.

they've done a great job to increase that traction and make it just a more comfortable boot to wear out when it's raining when it's wet so you don't slip off the sidewalk and carry into a ditch which we hate that other quality in the sole. 

it's a hard rubber you're getting the same material throughout now a lot of service boots in this style.

they'll have you know maybe like a wooden part to the sole or a softer rubber heel but you're not getting that here it's the same sort of hard rubber compound all.

the way through the outsole here and then the heel they've kind of cemented that same material right there you can see on the bottom here that the heel is nailed in. 

it's attached to this strip right along here and so it's not just cemented so it's not like the heel is going to separate from the outsole that should stay together and yeah I've had these three weeks,


and you did you can't see anywhere on the edge of the heel which is already a good sign and basically because this rubber's so hard i fully expect this to last multiple years two-three years before it needs to be resold.

  • Style 


when it comes to style this is absolutely a casual boot i think all service boots are casual boots i did read in some reviews as i was kind of preparing for this Article that some people say oh.

you can pair it with a suit but i think that's crazy because you can wear flip-flops with a suit it doesn't mean it makes sense just because you can do it doesn't mean.

you should so this is absolutely a casual boot and i think it's even more or i should say less versatile than some of its competitors like to say the Thursday captain oh or like the Oliver Cabell sb1 it's a little bit less versatile 

than that, because it has the nickel eyelets and speed hooks now that contrast there it just doesn't look as you know necessarily as clean as if these were painted a darker color so they could blend out because these stand out.

i think that's super cool but that is a distinctive feature about the iron rangers that's important to know before you buy them is that yeah you're going to pretty much wear it with i think it looks best with raw denim and you just cuff that cuff.

the cuff i don't know the hem you cuff the leg what do you call that the leg opening you cuff the leg opening and it just looks that's such a good look it's so classic as we go down here you have the toe cap and this is kind of the distinctive thing.

it's got its quad stitch so it's got four stitches there all the stitching around the vamp and then the heel that's all triple-stitched so you have a lot of extra durabilities there and if it ever starts to fray any of these stitches start to come loose. 


you can always bring it back to red wing and they will fix that for you or you bring it to any cobbler they should be able to fix that as well this is a Goodyear welted shoe so it's 270 degrees goodyear welted. 

The heel does not have the Goodyear well and basically what that does is that allows the heel to be a little bit more uh doesn't stick out so much i prefer it that way.

you know you lose a little bit of that water protection back here and then you also run the risk of that cemented part coming off but i have not seen or heard of anyone having issues with that um and it's still pretty easy to resolve you shouldn't have.

i know with cemented boots cemented souls a lot of times cobblers can't go and replace that but you definitely can replace your souls with the iron ranger.

  • Break-In Period

when it comes to the break-in period this is kind of my one gripe here this is my one issue now breaking these in will test your spirit it will test your soul,

because it is not a comfortable boot right away it's unlined on the inside all these rivets are exposed the insole is a cork and leather the outsole is really hard rubber and the boot can kind of fit a little bit tight in the sides.

if you get the right size it fits it kind of constricts the sides of your feet a little bit initially um but yeah basically some people you know they'll go their break-in period lasted four days and they felt fine some people's break-in period it's like four months for me.

it was about eight where eight to ten years and that's you know wear it out for an hour wear it out for two hours let it rest for a day and then do the same thing.

it took me about three two to three weeks still a little uncomfortable when i put them on but i can tell that they're breaking in part of it is when you put your foot in that insole is cork and leather and.

it does take time like initially, that's not very comfortable when you put your foot in there because it's going to kind of fight back but as you walk around as you break them in your foot sinks into that insole and.

it just makes the experience much more comfortable over time and then also you're getting less rubbing along the sides and like the balls of your feet um you're getting less rubbing going on there when you're walking around as the leather starts to stretch.

  • Price


now, these boots cost right around 300 sometimes if you're shopping on Amazon you can find them for under 300. for me these were i think 320 and i bought this in-store at red wings.

they aren't the cheapest boot but if you think about it like i was talking to a guy at the redwing store he said he recently like two days before i showed up they had a guy come in and he bought or he was getting.

his Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger resold and he bought them in the 70s so you know if you're spending 300 bucks on a boot that can be expensive that can kind of make you kind of you know make a step back for a moment,

but really if you're gonna have a pair of boots that can last 40 or 50 years like that's insane so think of it just like an investment and if you like the style you know 

i think it's worth investing that kind of money in a boot that you're going to wear often so let's break it down into my favorite parts of the boot uh my least favorite things about the boot and then.

The Verdict of Reviews of Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

  • What I Like


let's get to the verdict so here's what i like about the Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger the leather quality on this boot is superior to any other boot actually that i have in my collection,

now you're doing full grain oil tanned leather from Minnesota you know it's tanned in Minnesota and the quality is apparent right away especially for vegetable tanned leather um you know. 

it's much softer much more smooth and creamy right when you're you know wet right out of the box without breaking it in it does have a smooth supple feeling to it.

i do love the nickel eyelets now that makes it less versatile but it is super rugged-looking looks great with a pair of raw denim jeans and i love the toe cap so all that just kind of makes for this super masculine boot that just looks cool.

i like that it's Goodyear welted that means i can get these resold and again yeah you have guys coming in they've had these for 40, 50 years that's a super long time 

I'm not sure if mine will last 40, 50 years but it'll definitely last you know a decade or two and just getting those resold regularly that helps.

lastly, these have legacy i mean it's not uncommon to go around and see somebody out on the street wearing these you know and you kind of have that like you're 

  • What I Don'tLike

what i don't like about the Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger they hurt really badly for the first few days now the first time i put them on they basically rubbed the side of my foot pretty pretty rough um there's blisters there was crying there was bleeding.

there was rolling around on the floor it wasn't all that but it was uncomfortable the break-in period is this has been the roughest break-in period i've had it on a pair of boots,

and a lot of people back me up on that some people you know if you get the i think they have a hawthorne and a charcoal like rough-out leather people have a much easier time with those materials,

because it's a different style of leather but my experience with this is the amber harness my experience was was was a was a tough one.

i also didn't like that there was these exposed rivets on the back that did not help that break-in period that those definitely at the beginning kind of dug into. 

my ankles a little bit luckily there's a gusseted tongue here and that helps kind of keep the tongue in place so that it's blocking those those rivets but there was one time.

i think that the the tongue got folded wrong and that was my bad but uh the rivet did did come get me it came for me so that would be another minus on my side.

and the third and final thing that i am not such a huge fan of is the sizing these seem to be sized much larger so it's important to know and it's easy to get around. 

it's kind of it's kind of one of those tricky things especially if you're shopping online if you're here on youtube you know you're watching reviews so you might be doing your shopping online go with a half size smaller.

i wear all of my sneakers all of my other boots i'm a 10 and a half but i got the Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger in a size 10 and it fits really well so i like that so but that's something to note that. 

if you're 10 and a half don't get a 10 and a half get a size 10. you know if you're normally a size 11 in sneakers get a size 10 and a half size half size down when you first try them on you'll notice that the sides of your foot right here on the vamp right there besides your foot that will feel a little extra snug.

i was a little bit worried about that but i got mine fitted at the redwing store they said to expect that and it's true that this starts to break in pretty quickly and so even if it's a little bit snug don't worry about it so much even 

if it rubs a little bit more you give it a good five wears or about 10 hours of wearing that because it's vegetable or because it's oil tanned full grain leather that's going to stretch out a little bit and that discomfort will go away pretty quickly.

  • Final Verdict

here's my final verdict on the red wing iron ranger i am a huge fan of these boots now they're classics and i understand now they are classics for a reason they've become iconic they're up there with like.

the levi 501s the ray ban club masters these are classic pieces are a classic piece of american style history and you know it just makes total sense when you look at the quality the durability and the style those are my favorite parts of the boot.

the fact that it adds up to a really rugged masculine looking shoe masculine looking boot the fact that it looks so good with raw denim that just goes really well and also.

i don't really have to worry about banging these things up i know they can take it and then i also know i can get them repaired you know every i don't know how long it's going to take but you know three years or,

so you get these repaired and they look you know pretty much good as new so i love that now they do require a little bit of care and i talked about that earlier in the Article but my biggest thing is yeah get a pair of cedar shoe trees put them in here,

so that the vamp doesn't sag and then you get these clown shoes and they kind of look goofy and you're gonna have to spend more time and effort to to refurbish them at that point so just put a little care up front uh get that taken care of but yeah.

i'm i waited three years to get these i'm a little bit upset that i waited that long but now that i have them i really love them they definitely fit a certain part of my wardrobe and i'm a huge fan.


i really appreciate you watching let me know what you think in the comments down below are you going to get the Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger any particular color options.

you like this is the amber harness but they do have some really really cool other options out there that you know it might be another three years before.

i go out and get another pair of iron rangers but let me know what you like what you're looking at and until next time put your best boot forward.



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Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger American Heritage Icon
Red Wing Boots Reviews Iron Ranger American Heritage Icon, Plus Sole, Style, Break-In Period, Price, Verdict , Like, Don't Like Full Honestly Review
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