15 Things You Didn't Know About Prada Fashion Company

15 Facts About Prada Fasshion Company - Mario Prada, Prada Owner, history, logo, brand products.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Prada Fashion Company



15 Facts About Prada Fasshion Company -  Mario Prada, Prada Owner, history, logo, brand products.

ifteen things you didn't know about Prada Fashion Company welcome to a This Site. we love iconic luxury brands and you don't get much more luxurious an Italian fashion house Prada founded by Mario and Martino Prada in 1913 as a leather goods company Prada has expanded into 618 worldwide boutiques .

Prada Fashion Company 3.9 billion euros in revenue the company was inherited by Luisa Prada and her daughter Miuccia Prada in 1978 developing the business into men's and women's fashion fragrances cosmetics accessories watches

and more because Alex comm is dedicated to being the world's best resource on the most incredible luxury goods we just had to bring you a video about one of the most famous fashion brands in the world so here are 15 things you didn't know about product.

15 Things About Prada Fashion Company



Number - 1

Mario Prada didn't think his female relatives should have a place in the product company being an old-fashioned Italian gent Mario Prada was against women being involved in his business at the top level.
his son had no interest in taking over though so his daughter Luisa Prada eventually took the helm anyway she ran it for two decades and then her daughter took over transforming it into the fashion brand we know today poor Mario would be turning in his grave.


Number -2

the classic Saffiano luxe bag is one of Pradas oldest designs one of cross best selling bags today's the Saffiano sometimes known as the Galleria was created and patented by Mario Prada.

when the brand was purely a leather goods maker the leather is heat treated water resistant and scratch resistant.

Number -3

in 1919 Prada Fashion Compan became the official supplier to the Italian oil has sold product quality luggage was originally a favorite of the Italian royal family and they have been able to display the Royal Crest in their logo ever since.

the more modern endorsements have included a women's wear campaign starring French actress Lea Seydoux and menswear campaigns starring miles teller Benicio del Toro and Christoph Waltz.

Number - 4

the famous Prada backpack was made from military grade nylon luigia worked with her soon-to-be husband Patricio Bertelli to create new bags in the Prada range moving away from the traditional leather goods.

their new range of nylon backpacks were released in 1985 made from the same military-spec nylon that Mario Prada would cover steamer trunks within the 1920s the brand officially moved into women's wear in 1988.

Number -5

pratas spring/summer 2009 ready-to-wear show made the news because so many of the models fell over in sky-high heels most of the models struggled in the shoes.

they were given with many falling and being helped back up by the spectators some had to take their shoes off even to finish walking the catwalk commentating on it later Moochie at Prada decided that the shoes were too impractical to be sold commercially.

Number -6

Prada has shares in Gucci has full control of Jil Sander and owns 51% of Helmut Lang and Fendi Prada has set its sights on rivaling the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group for luxury brand ownership 

Prada Fashion Company  has become one of the largest shareholders in Gucci Helmut Lang and Fendi fighting off competition from LVMH who already owned Dior and Givenchy after successfully taking hold of Gucci Prada went to the top of the European luxury goods market.

Number -7

Mui Chia Prada hates clothes that are overtly sexy in a 2003 interview Pradas had designer called the style of many of her fellow Italians the desperation of the sexy her views on showing too much skin extend across her staff to advising the women who work with her that the more sexy you make yourself appear the less you'll have sex.


Number -8

an installation of Pradas storks can be found on a desolate desert road in Valentine Texas installed in 2005 he Prada Marfa sculpture was created by Elm green and drag set who called it a pop architectural land art project the installation cost eighty thousand dollars-

and was created so that it would gradually fade never to be repaired and blend into the quiet desert landscape.


Number -9

Moochie of Prada doesn't use the Prado on her designs many fashion houses will include opulent and noticeable references to their logo and brand names.
but product doesn't go for that the Prada look is more about reverse snobbery making it recognizable to only those who know what they're looking for.

Number - 10

fashion label Miu Miu was also launched by mutia Prada Fashion Company in 1993 named after her nickname new Miu was created to appeal to a younger courtier audience.
the celebrities they looked up to focusing on this they would work with female film directors in 2012 to feature their collections in a series of short silent films which premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Number - 12

Giorgio Armani has called Prada fetish and ugly fellow Italian designer Armani doesn't think too much of mutia Prada at Milan Fashion Week in 2011 he accused Prada of having bad taste.

she wasn't the only designer to come under fire though he also said that Dolce and Gabbana made men look ridiculous regardless of what giorgio armani thinks some of the biggest Prada fans are socialites so check out our list of the 10 richest socialites in the world.

Number - 12

Prada is famously relaxed and unpretentious in her tastes in a guardian piece about her written in 2015 journalist Rachel cook noted that it's clear immediately that she couldn't care less what I'm wearing.
she also observed that mutia is tend as a nut she wears no makeup not even a slick of balm on her lips she dislikes the snobbery around fashion and agrees that it's just about clothes nothing else.

Number - 13

Prada have totally ruled out collaborating with a high street brand Balmain Isabel Marant and Versace have created highly successful ranges with H&M what product want be joining them Mucha Prada Fashion Company doesn't like the idea of a bad copy of her designs and believes that with clothes that cost little you need to ask why they cost so little so don't expect Prada at the bargain prices anytime soon.

Number - 14

 products head designer Mui Chiu Prada Fashion Company has a PhD in political science when we Chie is a woman of many talents beginning her career at the University of Milan in the 1970s at the age of 24.
she even trained to be a mime and joined the Communist Party as an activist the family's leather business was where she was destined to belongs Oh taking over for her mother in 1978.

Number - 15

 Mucha Pradas net worth is 6.8 billion dollars according to Forbes Mucha came back into the world of billionaires list in 2012 after being out of it for six years.

she's also declared her earnings to be around 8 million a year there are a few fashion designers who exceed her in terms of wealth.

but Giorgio Armani who's worth 7 billion dollars and Ralph Lauren who's worth eight point two billion just feed her innovative unusual and very luxurious Prada is unlike many of its Italian cousins in that it focuses on a completely different aesthetic turning away from obvious sexiness with Mucha Prada at the helm the brain just taken from traditional Italian leather goods to high-fashion women's wear fragrance and menswear

if you could choose any product collection to stock up on which would it be would you go for the full range of bags that are based on the brand's original classics or would

you be dying to get your hands on their range of clean cut menswear and tailoring oh you're still here well here's another amazing thing about product that you might not know there's a rumor that patrizii over Kelly's smash 

the windows of one of Prada Fashion Company Milan stores the day before it was due to open in 1997 he wasn't satisfied with how it looked and so took his frustration out on the windows.



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ThursDay Online Service: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Prada Fashion Company
15 Things You Didn't Know About Prada Fashion Company
15 Facts About Prada Fasshion Company - Mario Prada, Prada Owner, history, logo, brand products.
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