vegetarian weight loss stories

vegetarian weight loss stories - how vegetarian and eating a vegan diet has totally transformed my weight loss health stories the only reason that I s

Real Vegetarian Weight Loss Full Stories


vegetarian weight loss stories - how vegetarian and eating a vegan diet has totally transformed my weight loss health stories the only reason that I say vegetarian weight loss diet or put it in the title is because it's kind of like a hot topic especially right now with all the stuff going on in the vegetarian  community 

but I wanted to shed some positivity and share...More


my vegetarian weight loss stories I went vegetarian when I was 26 years old so I've been vegetarian  for a little bit over six years now I am now 32 years old a lot of you probably don't know this but I actually went vegetarian for ethical reasons.

and I think a lot of people assume that I went vegetarian for health because that's what I focus my channel on mainly just because vegetarian has had such a massive impact on my health.

vegetarian weight loss stories
but I actually went vegetarian solely for the animals I had to go to a slaughterhouse when I was 26 years old for my old job and seeing what went on there will forever haunt me till the day that I die it like makes me emotional thinking about it so I'm not going to talk about that right now.

how eating this way has drastically improved my health not only just my physical health but my mental health my love towards myself.

and just everything along those lines so to start I'll just kind of give you guys a brief background on before I was vegetarian and what I was kind of going through basically- 

my whole life I was an overweight child I was an overweight teenagers overweight person I struggled with my weight
my entire life I did a lot of restrictive diets fad diets- 

I tried every single diet in the entire world this led to a lot of other issues in my life I had depression I was an alcoholic I smoked half a pack of cigarettes a day for a really long time.

I had no love or self-respect for myself I just hated who I was I hated my life I wanted to die like literally I mean that sounds really dramatic.

but I just hated everything and because of this I suffered through my life for a really long time.

and I think the biggest thing and the first thing that I want to mention that helped me improve my health dramatically was learning to have compassion.

I never had compassion for anything and to be able to like have this emotional connection with these animals and see from their point of view like what is happening to them that this is not necessary
vegetarian weight loss stories

they don't need to be killed I don't need to eat this way and to have that kind of compassion for something else and have that love for another being it gave me so much compassion for myself like tremendous compassion.

because I would be a total hypocrite if I you know cared so much about animals not to eat them not to hurt them not to either buy products or see them tortured or anything like that but didn't extend that to myself. 

I didn't if I didn't stop torturing myself. if I didn't stop all these self-destructive behaviors and I'm not gonna say that it was easy to quit smoking or to quit drinking.

I used to even take like adderall and prescription drugs it was really bad like I really hated myself.

and I'm probably gonna get like emotional during this video if I'm just about to cry but that was the biggest thing that vegetarian helped me a self love like loving myself and not torturing myself to fit into this specific mold that society has said that I need to be-

and that was probably the biggest thing that helped me transform my life through finding self-love and through finding compassion and like equality and all these things and really like having a purpose in my life.


it gave me so much purpose to take care of myself and to spread this message and to start my Blog Website and to help other people and being able to do that helped me in so many ways so that's just kind of the background of you know-

how finding compassion led me to self-love which led me to stop doing all these destructive habits like drinking and smoking.

and taking prescription drugs I got completely sober and then it was time to like tackle real health issues because I knew that I was in a healthy weight I still had a lot of issues like I never really had acne or anything.

but I had really really bad psoriasis on my arms to the point where like they were so red they would bleed and I thought that that was normal another issue that I had that people always made fun of me.

my entire life floor was on my legs I'll try and find a photo of it to explain it but I was just called it hamburger skin I had such bad circulation that my legs looked like hamburger meat like they just had all of this all this you could see like all the veins in my legs it was really weird and whenever



I would get slightly cold this was show up and when I was growing up and playing basketball and doing all this stuff where I would show off my legs in like shorts and whatever 

I would get made fun of so bad and it's something that I didn't even really realized went away was the psoriasis and this like circulation issue that I had but it went away when I started eating a Whole Foods plant-based diet 

I'm just going to reference a Whole Foods plant-based diet in this video because I went through a lot of experimentation with different kinds of diets 

and stuff and what I found that works for me the best is just eating whole plant foods in abundance not counting calories not worrying about macros literally just eating whole plants like beans legumes vegetables fruits whole grains potatoes rice all that kind of stuff- 

and that is what has led me to this point so along with the skin issues that I had I was always one of those people that would only go to the bathroom like once or twice a week 

and that I mean it's so weird to think that we assume that something is wrong with us when it's really we're just not getting the proper amounts of fiber in our diet to actually move things throw balls every single day like clockwork.

I go to the bathroom every morning and it happens every single day I have no issues I have no constipation issues vegetables and fruits and nuts and beans and everything transports through our body the way that its nature intended within 24 hours-


and everything is assimilated everything is digested and you feel great the next day I never feel bloated anymore I never feel constipated I never have issues going to the bathroom-

and that is just from eating an abundant Whole Foods plant-based diet now the biggest thing that a vegetarian weight loss stories diet helped me with was getting to a healthy body weight and having a healthy body that I can move 

I can run and I can lift weights and I can be active and super flexible and live the life that I want to live and my goal is not to live forever and I don't think that should be anyone's goal because none of us are getting out of here alive 

I want to just make it to the end being able to walk being able to you know take care of myself being able to chew my food not have a disease and I look at all the planet ace doctors I've met so many of these doctors in person they're amazing people like dr. Esselstyn dr. Colin Campbell dr. Greger I met all of them last year dr. Frank sabbatino like I've met so many vegetarian doctors that are 70 80 90 years old-

and they're still doing everything that you would assume that you could do until the day that you die and I think that that's really the goal because we focus so much on like looking young as long as possible or like being a certain physique- 

and like I just want to be healthy and be able to take care of myself that's my goal like I was saying the biggest thing that has changed in my life is definitely my weight before I was vegetarian weight loss like my entire life stories

I remember when I was 12 I went on a diet and it's really sad to say this but at the beginning of sixth grade every year we would get weighed and they'd take our height and they would do like this little body analysis thing just as part of phys ed I think- 

and I remember at the end at the beginning of that year I weighed one hundred and sixteen pounds and I was like 4 foot 11 or something and at the end of the year I was the only kid who still weighed the same exact weight-

and I was so happy about it and like looking back at that just so messed up because I was a child like I was growing and I was laying in bed at night like doing endless hours of calisthenics and throwing away 

my lunch and just eating carrot sticks and like I didn't even think of anything of it as anything at this point like I had just you know I grew up always thinking that I was chubby and being made fun of and

vegetarian weight loss stories

I wanted to change and this carried on until the point that I went vegetarian and really got my life under control my weight went from all the way up to 190 pounds and it would just yo-yo back and forth I remember the lowest weight that I actually got to like in my 20s was 170 pounds 

and now I weigh around 130 pounds so I was able to lose and keep off 60 pounds without even really trying and in the last six years like my weight has changed a lot I have had it go up at points and 

come back down but it seems like whenever I just eat like 90 percent healthy all the time my weight stays at this weight and I couldn't like I really couldn't ask for anything more to be able to have that kind of freedom in my life to be happy and 

to be healthy and to be able to like do everything that I want to do and live my life and not have to ever diet or ever worry about food or worry about calories or worry about anything is honestly like that was my wish 

if I had a genie in a bottle who's like what's your one wish it would have been to be a healthy weight and not have to ever worry about food again and for anyone who is struggling with that or has struggled with that I would highly recommend watching Forks Over knives so that 

you can learn how to eat a proper vegetarian weight loss diet watch Dominion watch Earthlings watch cowspiracy just so that you can see like the ethical connection.  

I mean once you see what's happening in this world I don't understand how you can go back like I just don't get it but honestly having my eyes opened at that slaughterhouse six years ago has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

like I really just hope for other people that they can overcome you know not just like their health problems but also like this societal standard of eating the way that a lot of people eat and realizing we don't need to eat that way there's much better way to eat 

I always say that it'd be really funny if I could just transport back into my old body or if like somebody who is really unhealthy or struggling with a lot of stuff or overweight or whatever could just kind of transport into someone 

who's really healthy to see what it feels like to see how life can be because when we go through a health transformation you know it takes years and it takes a long time and it's just like such subtle changes over time that is very easy to forget where we came from and when I look back at these photos of myself.

I see who I used to be and I just like see this girl dying inside to just find her way and to be able to live a normal healthy life like I just feel for her so much.

I'm just so grateful for this online community for all the people who have helped me along my way every single person out there promoting a vegetarian weight loss stories diet showing themselves thriving on a vegetarian weight loss  diet like the world needs more of this. 

it's easy to pinpoint like one or two people who have failed and made a viral video out of it but there's so many more of us out here thriving and overcoming health problems and issues that we've had our entire lives and not having to contribute to any of the harsh slaughter and inhumane farming practices.

all these things that these animals go through so it's a beautiful thing and I just wanted to share my story with you guys because I can honestly say a hundred million percent I will never be someone who makes a video that says why I'm not vegan anymore because I'm an ethical vegan 

I will be a vegetarian for a lifetime. So how did you find my vegetarian weight loss stories.



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vegetarian weight loss stories
vegetarian weight loss stories - how vegetarian and eating a vegan diet has totally transformed my weight loss health stories the only reason that I s
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