Danner Work Boots Review Vicious 4.5 NMT

Among Danner's successful boots, a complete review of Danner's (Work) working boots as well as its complete output.

Danner Work Boots Review Vicious 4.5 NMT 

Among Danner's successful boots, a complete review of Danner's (Work) working boots as well as its complete output.


Danner Work Boots Review - today as you guys can see I have another pair of Danner boots for review and these then air vicious not war boots now just previously a couple of minutes ago I was doing a review of Salomon outline which are very lightweight very easy to run in Boots.

but do not offer a lot of protection these are the complete opposite these are the heavier boots but you do get all sorts of different kind of protections on these composite, not metallic toe you do have the gore-tex waterproofing you do have the slip-resistant bottom sole you do get just 100% leather.

it just feels like built like an absolute tank the price is currently between a hundred and fifty hundred and eighty dollars on Amazon there are a few different options there is a taller shaft there are different color variations so you will pray if you are looking at it it
Danner Boots (Review).

you will probably be able to find exactly what you need for your personal preference so if you have time to watch the whole review let's get into it this was a brief overview as some of you already know this was specifically for my ultimate survival boots section basically if this was the last boot that you put on and something really bad happened pandemic riots.

you had to run through these riders fight on the way and then go to the safe place where there is no endemic although pandemic is a global thing so I don't know but anyway if you had to travel for long distances.

if you had to climb if you had to fight do all the different things that are needed to be done to survive would this be a good option so how do we make the judgment based on eight different criteria let's get into criterion number one comfort level of course to test the comfort level of a boot I do a three-mile run without stopping.

then the five-mile walk again without stopping no breaks in between the where time is between 7 & 8 hours so let's get a few things out of the way the weight, of course, one of the things that impact the comfort level 26.3 now usually I say that if you want a lightweight boot-

that you can more or less comfortably run in that you can travel for long distances of time distances for long periods for long distances you will want to get something that is under 20 ounce and-

this is by the way size tan this is of course heavier than 20,000 you can definitely ten running in these boots is very very hard especially considering that the toe is composite three-mile run was pretty hard after one mile.

I was barely making it it was really hard but there are a few other things that kind of take away from that easiness of wearing and running besides the way the number 2 the factor number 2 is the stiffness of the bottom sole now you do get a lot of protection from you to know anything penetrating or anything like that with this bottom sole,
but with that, you sacrifice the stiffness the flexibility of the bottoms of which yeah god damn it now that can't do that yes it is the very very stiff bottom so so it is practically impossible to run in these boots properly putting most of the impact at the front of your food.

you do put some impact on the heel here now, of course, you do hve your inner soul and Danner Boots (Review) they are very good whenever it comes to innersoles and here they did a great job they implemented a lot of as you can see cushioning also.

you do have a heel bat so you do get a decent amount of you to know impact protection in this inner sole because of the inner sole itself and the way it is constructed however because of the stiffness of the outsole-

because of the weight it kind of takes away a lot of that comfort that you get from the inner sole keep that in mind also of course you do have your cushioning which does contribute to the comfort level-

the shaft is nicely cushioned the tongue is nicely cushioned however one thing that I wanted to point out there isn't a lot of cushioning inside of the toe box and I really really wish that then they're implemented more of the cushioning there especially considering that this is a campus at all it just feels very hard.

if you are buying these boots I definitely recommend you getting some very thick socks just to add to that trust me because you will get fatigued you know in this toe box because it is so hard okay so that was a comfort level let's move on to the criteria number two proofing and protection and proofing of course.

really quickly you do have gore-tex waterproofing GTX you probably already noticed of course you do have your slip oil resistant bottom sole which we will talk about a little bit later and of course the protection.

now this is where these boots definitely do shine you have your nonmetallic composite to-- hard to-- which goes all the way up to here pretty good so your whole toes covered of course you do have your hundred-percent leather which adds up to that durability you do have some pretty good padding in the shaft.

so it gives you some decent ankle protection and of course, you have your reinforced heel as well so whenever it comes to the proofing and protection this is really where these boots do shine let's move on to the criteria number three quality and the design features.

now quality-wise these boots do have a lot of reviews on amazon almost 5 stars and overall I never had a problem with Danner Boots  (Review) whenever it comes to quality one of the best brands boot brands definitely to go with now whenever it comes to the design features usually here I talk about the lacing system and here the lacing system is really really good.

there are two pairs of open hooks here as you can see and there are four pairs of clothes hooks now I want to point out here with these closed hooks is the fact that as you can see they do feature this heavy-duty plastic-

but they do have the metal hooks actually inside of those plastic kinds of enclosure and what that does is it helps you with the tightening process basically the strings they just glide through those hooks very nicely and easily I think definitely a great system of course because the hardware is metal kind of adds up to the weight-

but because it's easy and fast to put these boots on and take them off definitely a plus for our survival scenario because you do want to have boots that you can put on fast if you need ok so let's move on to criterion number 4 which is the outsole traction and stability now this out over here is oil resistant it is slip-resistant.

so you do have all of that slip resistance however you probably already notice that there isn't really a lot of aggression going on this outsole it's more of a flat outsole so keep that in mind,

I test all my boots on a variety of surfaces like newer tarmac older asphalt sand rocky road wet grass these boots perform well on most of these surfaces except for the wet grass a little bit slip around us they do shine however on flat surfaces like tile marble 


so if you're thinking that you will be wearing this boots more on those surfaces you're gonna like these I would not recommend this outsole of course for ice or snow,

because there is barely any aggression here keep that in mind now speaking of ice and snow let's move on to the criteria number 5 temperature these boots.

I was wearing them personally here in Florida was almost a hundred degrees weather definitely running on the hotter side Yeah right 100% leather however because they're gore-tex they actually do have some breathability to them pretty good overall keep that mind.

now if you want to get them more for winter situation you can they don't have any kind of insulation but if you get some insulated socks with these boots they might be actually pretty good because they are waterproof after all just don't wear them on snow or ice okay 

Let's quickly talk about the sizing in Danner Work Boots Review ...!

now no problems with the sizing at all they do run true to the size I always get my boots half a size bigger than my normal shoe size is nine and a half and my boots I always get in size 10,

and I definitely highly recommend you do the same with these boots specifically because this is a composite toe and there isn't much cushioning from the inside so you definitely want some extra space in your toe box

you'll thank me later because you don't have that you your toe you're smashing in the front of this it's gonna get fatigued pretty quickly okay so very briefly balance for application overall I think it's a good Danner boot great quality, Dan, they never let down with the quality.

if you are the type of person that prefers to have more protection and doesn't mind sacrificing you know the weight and getting a heavier boot you will definitely like Danner Boots (Review) personally I am more of lightweight boots less protection type of person,

but again it really comes down to any to you know personal preference and if you were really just getting these boots for work in mind as long as you're getting with some extra space at the toe box I think you will like
Danner Boots (Review) and the very last criteria really quickly price as I said is between hundred and fifty-one hundred and eighty dollars depending on the color depending on the size.

I think is definitely fair considering that these boots do provide composite toe they do provide the gore texts they do provide all of this oil slip resistance and overrule you know 100% leather of course I think it's definitely worth the price so let me know the comments below guys what do you think about those boots would

After reading the Danner Work Boots Review blog, you get them for your work situation would you get them for your ultimate survival situation if you have any requests drop them in the comments below ... Thanks.



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ThursDay Online Service: Danner Work Boots Review Vicious 4.5 NMT
Danner Work Boots Review Vicious 4.5 NMT
Among Danner's successful boots, a complete review of Danner's (Work) working boots as well as its complete output.
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